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Glycolic Acid Peels

Glycolic acid is a firmly established heavyweight of the skincare industry, and for good reason. It is the closest thing we can come to calling a “magic wand” ingredient – one with many advantages that can visibly improve both appearance and texture of skin. You may be familiar with it as it shows up in an abundance of products these days. However there are other benefits in introducing professional glycolic peels into your skincare regime, which I will also go through here!

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that is used for chemical exfoliation of the skin. AHAs are wonderful additions to a skincare routine as they work by weakening the connections holding dead skin cells together so that they gently exfoliate and shed to reveal brighter, healthier skin underneath. Glycolic acid is a tiny molecule, and smaller than lactic acid (which is also an AHA found in many skincare products, particularly toners) which means it can more easily penetrate the skin and work at a deeper level. It’s actually derived from sugar cane – the only time I will recommend sugar as a good thing!

What are the advantages of professional glycolic peels?

The concentration of glycolic acid found in your normal skincare products is low for a reason – glycolic acid is a chemical that can easily cause irritation if not administered by a professional. 

I work with you and your skin to access an appropriate level of glycolic acid to place on the skin and monitor its progress throughout the course of the peel. The clear advantage of a professional peel is the higher concentration of acid applied, and immediate results.

What happens during a peel with Dr. Margie?

The first thing we do is have a chat about the results you’re expecting from the peel and work from there! A light layer of glycolic acid is applied once I assess the skin itself and the concentration most suitable, and it is left on for a short period. The peel is then neutralised and removed and your skin takes over. Some slight skin peeling is expected, and completely normal, after a peel so that the dead top layer is shed to reveal the bright, healthy skin underneath. Of course, not every peel will result in shedding skin due to the differing concentrations of glycolic acid available. I will work with you in explaining and deciding what is most suitable for your skin.

What benefits will I see?

It depends on your skin type and “problem areas” but the benefits include:

  • Improvement in fine lines
  • Treatment of hyperpigmentation
  • Reduction of sun spots and melasma
  • Appearance of glowing, dewy skin
  • Reduction in oiliness for oil prone skin

Who are glycolic acid peels suitable for?

Everyone! It is the one treatment that can be tailored for each skin type and each individual patient. 

If you want further information on glycolic acid peels at Dr. Margie Clinic, feel free to contact me here.If you’re intrigued by the transformative potential of glycolic acid peels and want to explore what they can do for your skin, I invite you to book an appointment online at Dr. Margie Clinic. Let’s embark on a journey to reveal the most radiant version of you.

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