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La Belle Ville de Paris – IMCAS

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you will know how passionate I am about up-skilling and making sure that I am at the top of my aesthetics game. Science is ever changing, and ever developing. One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to be at the cutting edge of this industry – and my investment always pays off for my patients!

I was invited to attend the IMCAS World Congress in Paris at the end of January, which is always an incredible event. IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of teaching in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology and is focused on mastering youth and age. The Congress had 265 scientific sessions and over 800 renowned speakers, making for a weekend filled with fun and learning.

I mainly focused on the symposiums and talks on fillers and Botox, and was thrilled to have examples of my work commended by industry leaders. There was a fantastic emphasis on safe practice, and physician-led aesthetic procedures, which you may recall me talking about in my “Choosing Your Aesthetic Practitioner” blog (available here). I was introduced to the latest research and best practices on periorbital injections, superficial echographic facial anatomy, active acne, hand rejuvenation, along with a whole host of other topics. It was reassuring to have the confirmation that I am already incorporating the best techniques in my own practice!

Of course, it is always wonderful to be back in the beautiful city of Paris, and I was sure to relax at the end of the Congress with a glass or two of wine! Medicinal purposes only, of course!

I am excited to be back home and bring what I have learned to all patients, old and new. If you’re interested in experiencing the latest and most advanced aesthetic treatments, I encourage you to book a consultation with me today. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your beauty with the expertise and care that only Dr. Margie Clinic can offer!

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