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Non-Surgical Facelifts

As we age, production of collagen gradually declines leading to changes in the structure of the face. This can cause loss of bone density and sagging of the subcutaneous tissues of the cheeks, brows, neck and jawline. These small changes can have a dramatic impact on our face’s appearance, as well as our self-confidence.

Before the advent of injectables such as Profhilo, Botox, and dermal fillers the only option people would have to combat these changes was the surgical facelift. Of course, this is still a fantastic procedure for those who want a substantial change and don’t mind the associated risks and downtime that come with an invasive surgery such as the facelift.

What options don’t involve going under the knife?

However, the option of the “non-surgical” facelift is available for those that would like an approach that is more subtle, much cheaper, with minimal risks. A practitioner that is experienced in injectables can easily make an assessment on a non-surgical approach to combat aging. Dermal fillers can be used to add structure to the face, Profhilo for dermal remodelling and Botox for that added tightening. My goal with a non-surgical facelift is always to use a combination of techniques at my disposal to revitalise the face – using fillers for support and restoration of volume and the latest treatments including Botox and/or Profhilo to encourage skin repair and smooth out wrinkles. Even if injectables seem daunting at first, there are other treatments such as PRP and glycolic acid peels that can be explored in the first instance.

I always use a minimally invasive approach to my work, which is reassuring to those who may be wary about surgical measures. It’s wonderful to be an Aesthetic Medicine Doctor when we have a plethora of options to help patients look like their best selves. Combining science and artistry is a passion of mine and I love seeing the expression on patients’ faces after their treatment.

Choosing the right practitioner for aesthetic treatments is essential. I encourage all my clients to do thorough research and select a professional who is qualified and experienced. For more information on how to choose your aesthetic practitioner and the important questions to ask, please visit our website.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to rejuvenate your look without the need for surgery? I invite you to book a consultation with me at Dr. Margie Clinic. Let’s explore how we can bring out your best self, reflecting the youthfulness and vitality you feel inside.

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