Skin boosters/Tissue Stimulators

I have just returned from the IMCAS World Congress where I spent 2 days at lectures & live demonstrations. I am excited about a new class of treatment that improves skin laxity. This treatment focuses on tightening lax skin but not filling. It is ideal for the older skin with fine lines especially around the cheeks and jowls. It is an injectable Hyaluronic acid that is more like a fluid than a gel. Injection of 1 ml treats an area the size of a hand. Once injected the product spreads out and does its work over the next few weeks/months. It is an ideal treatment for challenging areas such as the neck, sides of face, around the mouth, hands and arms where we do not see significant volume loss but skin has lost its elasticity.
I will be going to London to train in performing the procedure.

More news to follow.