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The Subtle Art of Aesthetics

Making the decision to have an aesthetic treatment is always a personal choice. At Dr. Margie Clinic, I am committed to enhancing each patient’s natural beauty and working at bringing out their existing facial attributes. Natural facial rejuvenation is the goal – I want my patients to look refreshed, youthful and well-rested (like you’ve had a wonderful night’s sleep). I love when patients call and inform me that they are getting compliments on just how great they look, and no one suspects that they’ve had any work done! I always remind patients that less is more, and if too much is done or unsuitable treatments performed you can end up looking older. 

It is absolutely essential to find an expert who understands facial symmetry, working with proportion and balance.

Working with your uniqueness

Often, people have a preconceived idea of what they “need”, as they have seen advertising for a particular treatment. It is my pleasure to sit down with each patient, talk about their desired look and work backwards from there. A thorough review of facial symmetry, skin quality and problem areas is undertaken before treatment is ever commenced. Sometimes we work on unexpected areas like the chin, or along the jaw, to add balance to the face. Every face is different, so even if the same “problem” is being treated, one patient may require different treatment to another due to their unique facial structure. I always work to find the ideal balance and outcome for the individual. The final result is always a beautiful blend of maths, medicine and artistry, and I believe it is my commitment to this which sets my patients apart.

Minor tweaks can often make a huge difference, as seen below! I always practice what I preach.

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