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Dr. Margie Guide to Lip Treatments

After sharing some fantastic client feedback on lips this week I thought it would be a good idea to write about aesthetic lip treatments and how to maximise your experience.


Given their popularity lately, it’s no wonder that many high-street clinics are offering “lunchtime lips”. Of course, I will always stress the importance of doing your research and remembering to ensure your aesthetic treatment is undertaken by a qualified professional with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and symmetry. I hope the following tips and tricks will help you in deciding whether this treatment is for you, and how to get the most out of it.


Don’t be afraid to go slow

From my experience, injecting smaller amounts of filler over a few sessions yields the best results. This helps the lips maintain their own natural shape and avoid the duck-lipped look. Depending on what your desired end goal is, you may need just the one session but don’t be alarmed if someone recommends more than this. There is good reason!


Work with your proportions

As an aesthetic doctor, I am used to looking at the face as a whole and working out exactly what minor tweaks to make to give an overall better result. Have a look at your own face in the mirror, and don’t consider your lips in isolation! Remember how central the lips are to the face and see if you can imagine how fuller lips will affect your own symmetry.

Sometimes you may not even need any work done to your natural lips but instead would benefit from another treatment like Profhilo or Botox to bring balance elsewhere.

Recently I have been loving Viscoderm Hydrobooster for those tricky lines above the lips. I’ve seen some fantastic results on patients who originally thought they needed lip fillers, only to see how a little tweak above the lip line balanced their “problem area” subtly and effectively.


Just Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for their opinion. An aesthetic practitioner should take the time to discuss your desired look with you and advise accordingly. They will also be able to discuss potential side effects with you, as mild bruising and tenderness can happen in some cases. It’s of the utmost importance that the person injecting understands and appreciates the anatomy in this area, as there are some very important nerves and vessels around the lips. Permanent scarring or disfigurement has happened to patients who have gone to someone who was not qualified to administer these sorts of treatments.

The consummate professional will always be willing to go through their experience and qualifications with you.

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